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From local business to big-box stores, Prince George has it all. Local stores stock specialty items while the big-box stores focus on the essentials. These big box stores are located just outside of the downtown core. Contrary to the norm, the downtown core gets quiet around 5pm as the shops begin to close. If you’re looking to enjoy the best of what Prince George has to offer, it’s recommended that you have a car.

Some of the attractions you may like to enjoy include the Prince George Symphony Orchestra or theatrical performances. Art enthusiasts would enjoy the Two Rivers Gallery which is located in a beautiful building and holds modern art from across Canada. If you’re looking for educational fun with the family, check out The Exploration Place. Here you will find interactive and historic exhibits that focus on science and the earth.

For those who are interested in the railway and its contribution to BC, go to the Central BC Railway & Forestry Museum! Along with the British Columbia territory, comes incredible outdoor activities. There’s freshwater fishing in the lakes and rivers, hiking trails and cross-country skiing.

When considering whether to buy real estate in Prince George it’s always best practice to get to know the neighbourhoods in the region and how each of them rank in terms of livability and life style, cost of living, amenities and crime rates. Let me help you find you the perfect fit for your lifestyle!


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Prince George, BC

Neighborhood: 4.7mi / 7.6km away
Population: 2,647


  • Prince George has a Livability Score of 70/100, which is considered average
  • Prince George crime rates are 164% higher than the British Columbia average
  • Cost of living in Prince George is 30% lower than the British Columbia average
  • Prince George real estate prices are 68% lower than the British Columbia average
  • Rental prices in Prince George are 59% lower than the British Columbia average

The #1 guide to buying Real Estate in Prince George BC, for 2021, is compiled using the AreaVibes Livability Score which is calculated from a score out of 100 and based on various categories. These categories include amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment,  rental housing,  Real Estate pricing and weather.

Livability Score: 75

Prince George is northern British Columbia’s largest city, having a population of just over 74,000 people. It is also the major service and supply hub of the region, which is one of the country’s fastest growing regions.

Prince George’s history dates back to 1807, when it was an important fur trading post. Today, it plays an important role in the province’s economy, which is dominated by the service industry. It is also an important centre of culture and education, as well as being quite a beautiful city due to its location at the confluence of the Nechako and Fraser Rivers.

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